Our new IWC corner display

Since December 2016 we represent the brand IWC (International Watch Company) whose products are displayed in our new boutique in the centre of Liege, Rue du Pot d’Or.

We are proud to represent this great watchmaking firm whose head office is at Schaffhausen, Switzerland. IWC represents all that a good watchmaking firm ensures: toughness, timeless designs and precision know-how. For the last 150 years, IWC has made mythical watches fully meeting these criteria of prestige.



Among the flagship models can be found Pilot watches with their sporty and tough aspect, with their contrasting indices, historically one of the first watches worn by the first aviators; Portuguese watches, both chic and sporty watches with their classical aesthetic appeal on a large watch dial and lastly, watches that hold great interest for us, Portofino watches which are the very essence of refinement in watches.


Throughout the history of watchmaking, IWC has forged a position for itself in the world of luxury watches and you can now find these indispensable pieces at C. DESITTER, in the very centre of Liege.





TUDOR heritage

“For many years, I have looked closely into the possibility of making a watch that our license holders could sell at a more attractive price than that for our Rolex watches but worthy of the same traditional trust. I therefore decided to set up a separate firm with the aim of making and selling this watch. This firm is called “Montres Tudor S.A.” (Tudor Watches S.A.) — Hans Wilsdorf

Hans WIlsdorf, the founder of the ROLEX brand made that declaration in 1926. Having succeeded in what it set out to do, the TUDOR brand has never stopped growing. This brand boasts absolutely tough, precise and aesthetically appealing models. TTUDOR’s technical reliability is on an equal footing with that of its ROLEX parent and has inherited its know-how. The design is always sporty and chic, with maybe a younger aspect and slightly classical in style to please dynamic, enthusiastic young people with a taste for great watchmaking.

Since then, TUDOR stories have been related across the years like the TUDOR OYSTER PRINCE which was worn by French navy or US Navy sailors or even the Tudor Oysterdate Chronograph made in 1970 to fit a 39mm case.

Even today TUDOR cannot help but be noticed for the potential of its well-known models like the latest TUDOR BLACK BAY GMT watch with its aluminium, bicolour, bidirectional bezel or the TUDOR BLACK BAY FIFTY EIGHT watch which pays tribute to the first dive watches.

The Tudor brand never stops astonishing us by its dynamism and we are proud to have it’s watches currently on display.

Have a look at them in our boutique, Rue des Dominicains 15-17 in Liege.